I read a self-help book…

I have never given much time or thought to self-help books. I suppose I have never felt like I would benefit from a book that will teach me how to be more confident, how to succeed in life or how to feel like a goddess but I was recently given the Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k by my friend from work. My friend had read this after feeling like she was wasting time caring about things that she shouldn’t be and now swears by the techniques taught in this book.


The important information:

Number of pages – 198 pages
Price – £10.99
Genre – Self-help, non-fiction, humour
Time to read – 4 days

Sarah Knight wrote this book to help other people reach ‘enlightenment’ by teaching the ‘NotSorry’ method which helps you to not spend time. energy and money on things and people that you do not wish to. Sarah splits teaching the NotSorry method in two steps and delves deep into the different areas in your life that you may be wasting your precious resources on having to do things you don’t care for. The two steps that are taught to you are:

  1. On giving, and not giving, a f**k – this covers the difference between feelings and opinions and how to create a f**k budget. The f**k budget is where you give yourself a certain amount of f**ks a month so to ensure you aren’t spending too much time and energy on unnecessary concerns or worries.
  2. Deciding not to give a f**ck – this step takes the ‘skills’ learnt in step one, i.e the f**k budget and putting into action when it comes to your work, friends, strangers and acquaintances and family.

This book is definitely worth a read as it is a good parody of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo teaches you the magic art of following the  Japanese way of decluttering the home. Knight positions her book as the magic art of decluttering the brain of those aforementioned unnecessary cares and concerns. Hopefully, you will take away a couple of day-to-day tips to stop wasting your time or energy or money.

Also one of the main things I liked about this book was the way Knight ‘speaks’ to you. It is direct, off the cuff and witty; almost like having a conversation with that friend that gives you the real advice. Sarah divulges how she gets out of having to decide which family members to spend Thanksgiving with, how she avoids political discussions when in group dinners and how she avoids spending too much money on countless fundraising/social events that go on at her office. These anecdotes used throughout the book were funny and also showed you how you could use the NotSorry method in your life. However, I don’t think I could follow the NotSorry/F**k Budget to as instead of feeling content I would feel selfish and self-centered, I don’t think I am care-free enough to go around not giving a f**k about most things in life. For those of you that are, well done.

Although I did like this book, mainly for the witty narrative, it drove home to me why I don’t really go for self-help books. I can’t help but not take on board all the advice and help offered in these books, don’t get me wrong I have certainly adopted a couple of the methods that Sarah Knight writes about. I have found when in a situation that would normally ‘cost’ my unwanted energy (or money) I now take some time out to step back, assess if I really want to force myself to do (or spend) and if I truly don’t want to then I politely decline and carry on with my life. Normally I would either force myself to go to said event, (or spend said money that I didn’t want to) and then fret about the upcoming event, (or spent money) for some time. Even if I was brave enough to politely decline the invite I would then feverishly fret about what the person thought of my for declining the invite (or refusing to part with cash). So I am grateful for Sarah Knight for teaching me this but when it comes to the bigger things like worrying about the future, work and friendships I’m just not chill enough to not give a f**k,

Also if you are don’t like swearing then this book isn’t for you as the F-word is used on average 15 times a page…only those with the language of a sailor will appreciate it.

If you find self-help books helpful and easily take on board the art of mindfulness and not caring too much then this book may help you reach the pure heaven of not overthinking some more. Even if you aren’t, and like me, are a little anxious in everyday life then still give it a go as it may teach you one little skill to help make your life a little more zen.



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