Trying to overcome ‘Book Commitment-phobia’ and my general flaky behaviour.

I have only ever, to the best of my memory, read one entire series from start to finish. And to much surprise it isn’t Harry Potter. It was Lemony Snicket’s thirteen book long ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events.’

This isn’t to say I haven’t tried reading more than one book series, it’s just maybe in the book world, I am a bit of a commitment-phobe. It is also down to the fact that when it comes to keeping things going I’m a little flaky. There are many examples of times I’ve tried to learn a new skill or just start something new and it has dwindled into my pile of ‘at least I gave it a go’ activities.

Learning the violin, learning the clarinet, University, trying to learn French, reading the Harry Potter books…I could give more examples but you get my drift. Flaky.

So bearing in mind this flaw of mine, reading 13 books pretty much in a row was quite an achievement. However you also have to remember that these are books mainly aimed at pre-teens. I read them a couple of years ago. So I decided a couple of weeks ago that maybe…just maybe it’s time to try reading a more grown up series.

After constantly hovering over this series on Amazon, I clicked the ‘BUY’ button. ‘The Hitchhikers Trilogywas mine.


And now that the books have arrived it is time to settle down. I have wanted to read The Hitchhikers Trilogy for a long time, ever since I watched the film and now seems like the time to try and break old habits and give it a go.

When I say ‘give it a go’ I don’t mean in the violin playing sense. I really want to try and see something through to the end, especially in the world of books. It may sound silly but if I can see a series of books to the end and prove my flaky behaviour wrong in one area of my life maybe I can take this and pass it on to other areas of my life.

Maybe I will finally stick it out with 4 times a week gym session. Maybe I will stick to writing this blog and allow it to further my writing abilities. Maybe I will finally learn to speak French. Maybe this will allow me to improve myself a little more, which is something I always long to do.

So as I make speed with the second instalment of The Hitchhikers Trilogy, yes I have already finished the first one and moved swiftly on to the second, I look forward to proving myself wrong and hope to be sitting down in a few weeks time writing my first of many series reviews. Here’s hoping.




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